Terms & conditions


Business Name: You Break We Fix (Ubreak Wefix)

Address: Skibhusvej 109 St,Tv - Odense 5000- Danmark

CVR Number: DK 38805966

Official Email Address: [email protected]

Official Website: www.ubreakwefix.dk

Phone Number: +45 42 34 87 23

Year of Establishment: 2020



Registration of Personal Information:

To enter into an agreement with us via the website, the following personal information is required.

Phone number:
Email address:


These details are transmitted and stored without encryption.


Storage and Use of Information:

The personal information related to your purchase is recorded by Ubreak Wefix and is stored for 3 years to ensure proper handling in the event of warranty claims, after which the information is deleted.

The purpose of registering personal information is to deliver the product to you.


Consent and Information on Collection:

The collection of personal information via our website always occurs with your explicit consent, where you are informed about which information is collected and for what purpose.


Access to Information:

All employees in the company have access to the information registered about you.


Use of Information:

Your information is only used for shipping the product and informing you about any delivery issues. After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation via email.


Disclosure of Information:

As an independent online store, we do not disclose your personal information to others. Your data is stored securely but without encryption.


Collaboration with Data Processors:

We collaborate with companies that store and process data on our behalf. These companies may not use the information for their own purposes, and we only collaborate with data processors in the EU or in countries that provide adequate protection for your information.


Sensitive Personal Information:

No sensitive personal information is recorded.


Rights as a Data Subject:

As a registered individual with Ubreak Wefix, you have the right to object to the registration and the right to access the information registered about you. These rights are secured under the personal data law.


Inquiries Regarding Personal Information:

Email: [email protected]


Data Controller:

Ubreak Wefix


Terms for Customer Account

Benefits of Customer Account


Faster Checkout:

Make your purchases quicker and easier by securely saving your information.


Create a Wishlist:

Build your own wishlist and share it with friends, family, or business associates.


Order History:

Access an overview of all your current and past orders.


Dynamic Pricing:

Thanks to our dynamic pricing engine and collaboration with Pricerunner, we always ensure the best market prices. Business Account with Discounts.


Standard Business Account:

Business customers and public institutions receive a 10% discount on all items.


Tailored Business Agreement:

Opportunity for tailored agreements with 20-60% discounts on selected spare parts and accessories.


Sign up as a customer and contact us at +45 4234 87 23 or via our contact form for a customized deal.


Reverse Charge for VAT: Applies from 15.03.2020 affecting B2B purchases of mobile phones and tablets.


Sale of Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Computers to B2B is VAT exempt. Business customers are responsible for VAT reporting on these items.


Goods Covered by Reverse Charge:


Mobile Phones, including smartphones, Tablets, Computers & Macbooks


Sign Up and Additional Information:


Create your customer account easily and quickly to take advantage of these benefits.


How to Order from Ubreak Wefix:

Step-by-Step Ordering Guide:


Selection of Goods:

Navigate Through Our Selection and Click "Add to Cart" to Place an Item in Your Shopping Cart. You Can Add More Items as Needed.


Browse Your Cart:

 When ready, click on "Shopping Cart" to view an overview of your selected items.


Proceed to Checkout:

Click on "Proceed to Checkout" to initiate the order process.


 Enter Details:

 Fill in your customer information, including name, address, and email. If the delivery address is different from your address, specify this under "Delivery Address".


Choose Payment Method:

Select your preferred payment method and enter the necessary payment details.


 Order Confirmation:

 Review your order, including total price and shipping costs. Confirm the order by accepting our terms and conditions.


Order Confirmation via Email:

After confirmation, you will receive an order confirmation email, which you can print for your own reference.


Receipt of Invoice:

The final invoice will be sent along with your items.


Can I Add More Items to an Already Dispatched Order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add items to an already dispatched order. However, you can place a new order and mention in the note field that it should be shipped together with your previous order.


We will then remove the shipping costs for the new order. Please note, however, that you may still receive two separate shipments, depending on our warehouse processing.


Conditions for Cancellations Before Shipment


At Ubreak Wefix, we want to make it easy for our customers to manage their orders. If you wish to cancel an order that has not yet been shipped"


You can follow these steps:


Contact Us:

To cancel an order that has not been shipped, please contact our support team.


Send an email to us at [email protected] and please provide your order number along with the cancellation request.


Telephone Contact:

You can also call us at our customer service number +45 42 34 87 23 on weekdays between 10:00 and 16:00.


Important Information:

We process cancellation requests as quickly as possible, but to ensure efficient handling, it is recommended to contact us within normal working hours.

Once the order has been dispatched, it can no longer be cancelled. However, in this case, you can utilize our return procedure. We strive to accommodate your cancellation requests and ensure a smooth experience for our customers.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service for assistance.

We are here to help you!

Note: This cancellation policy applies only to orders that have not yet been dispatched from our warehouse.


Terms and Conditions for Business Purchases


Identification as a Business Customer:

When you place an order with Ubreak Wefix and provide a business identification number (CVR number) and company name in the billing address, you are automatically considered a business customer.


Special Terms for Business Customers:

Right of Withdrawal:

Business customers do not have a general right of withdrawal for their purchases. It is important to carefully consider your choices, as returns solely due to withdrawal are not possible.



We offer a 12-month warranty on all products purchased by business customers. This ensures that you can report any product defects or deficiencies within this period.


Shipping for Warranty Claims:

In cases of warranty claims where goods need to be returned, the shipping costs are borne by the business customer.

It is important to contact our customer service before returning for guidance on the process.


Delivery with Tracking:

All business purchases are delivered with tracking, ensuring a secure and reliable delivery.


Please note that there will be shipping costs regardless of the size of your order.


Payment Method:

Payment with Dankort is offered without fees for business customers, providing a convenient and cost-effective payment method.


Important to Remember:

These terms are designed with a focus on meeting the needs and obligations of business customers.

We encourage all our business customers to read and understand these terms thoroughly to ensure a transparent and straightforward trading experience.


Terms for Price and Payment


Price Information:

All prices are stated in Danish Kroner (DKK) and include 25% VAT (Value Added Tax).


Payment Methods:

Online payments can be made using the following cards and services:

- Dankort
- Visa
- Mastercard
- Visa Electron
- MobilePay Online


Transaction Security:

Payment information is transmitted encrypted to ensure secure data exchange between the customer and Ubreakwefix.dk.


Withdrawal of Amount:

The amount is charged to your card when the goods are dispatched from Ubreakwefix.dk.
A larger amount than what was approved at the time of purchase can never be charged.
No fee for using cards.


Reservation of Amount:

When using international payment cards, the amount is reserved immediately.
The reservation is valid for up to 7 business days.
The money is reserved until the item is shipped or until the funds are released by the card issuer.


Payment Alternatives:

Bank Transfer: The item is shipped once payment is received (1-2 banking days).
The order is canceled if payment is not received within 5 business days.
ViaBill: Payment is made after receiving the goods in monthly installments. Valid for purchases up to 2,000 DKK, and in collaboration with SparXpress for larger amounts.
A fee of 39 DKK/month for existing ViaBill accounts.


Notes:Discounts do not apply to already discounted products, when using a customer account, or discount codes.


Additional Information:

Terms for ViaBill: https://viabill.dk/om-os(https://viabill.dk/om-os)


Terms for Quickpay: https://quickpay.net/dk/terms-of-service/(https://quickpay.net/dk/terms-of-service/)


Terms for Repair


1. IntroductionPurpose:

To utilize Ubreak Wefix's repair service, the customer must first enter into an agreement. This can be done online via our website, where a detailed guide for submitting your device is also available. Our efficient system ensures that your request is processed quickly and professionally.


These terms apply to all repair services provided by UBREAK WE FIX. By using our services, the customer accepts these terms.


2. Online Booking

Procedure: Customers must use our online booking system to reserve a repair appointment. The system allows for selecting a specific date and time, as well as providing details about the faulty device. (https://ubreakwefix.onlinebooq.dk/)


3. Submission and Shipment of the Device

Safety Measures: Devices can be submitted in person or sent via mail. We strongly recommend that customers use tracked and insured shipping to minimize the risk of loss or damage during transport.


Accessories upon Submission:

When submitting your device, please ensure that only the device itself is sent to us. Accessories such as covers, chargers, etc. should not be included unless otherwise agreed. We accept no responsibility for lost accessories during the repair process.


4. Diagnosis and Repair

Initial Examination: Upon receiving the device, we conduct an initial diagnosis to identify the issue. The customer will then receive a cost estimate and repair duration.


5. Price and Payment

Cost Overview: The price for the repair includes costs for parts and labor. Payment must be made before pickup or shipment of the repaired device, unless otherwise agreed upon.


6. Spare Parts and Quality

High Standards: We only use high-quality spare parts that are either branded as high quality or adhere to OEM standards. This ensures optimal functionality and compatibility with your device.


7. Repair Time

Our goal is to complete all repairs within 1-2 business days, depending on the availability of necessary spare parts.

We proactively inform customers if there are delays due to extraordinary circumstances or unexpected high demand.


8. Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Warranty Period: We offer a 24-month warranty on repairs and a 24-month warranty on spare parts. This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, accidents, or unauthorized repairs.

It is important to note that our liability is limited to the performed repairs and the used spare parts.


9. Liability and Risk

Customer's Responsibility: The customer is responsible for backing up data before repair. Ubreak Wefix does not assume responsibility for loss of data, programs, or other content on the device.


10. Water Damage

Repairing water-damaged devices can be complex. We can only offer warranty on the replaced spare part and the repair itself, as other parts of the device may be affected by the water damage.

Special Conditions:

Water-damaged devices require a special diagnostic and repair approach. We cannot guarantee successful repair in all cases and offer a limited warranty for these repairs.


11. Shipping and Liability

The customer is responsible for securely shipping the device to us. We strongly recommend sending your device as insured package mail with Track & Trace for optimal security. We do not accept liability for damages or losses during shipment.


12. Manufacturer's Warranty

Please note that repairs may affect the device's manufacturer warranty. We do not accept responsibility for any loss of manufacturer warranty after the repair.


13. Online Repair Process

We often communicate digitally with the customer to obtain consent for repairs, especially in complex cases such as water damage. Failure to respond from the customer will result in the application of our standard pickup procedures.


14. Data Handling

Privacy and Security:

We respect the customer's privacy and ensure that all personal data on the device is handled confidentially. However, we advise customers to remove personal data, if possible, before submitting the device for repair.


15. Unclaimed Devices

Storage Policy: Devices not collected within 30 days after repair will incur a storage fee. After one year, the device will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of or recycled by UBREAK WEFIX.


16. Changes to Terms

Updates: UBREAK WEFIX reserves the right to modify these terms. Any changes will be communicated on our website.


17. Dispute Resolution

Conflict Management: In the event of disagreements between the customer and UBREAK WEFIX, we strive to resolve the dispute through dialogue. In case of failure to reach a resolution, relevant legislation and legal procedures will be referenced.



Conditions for Return of Purchases for Consumers

When you wish to cancel your purchase with Ubreak Wefix, follow these simple steps.


Cancellation deadline:

You have 14 days from the date you inform us of your cancellation to return the item.

Cancellation procedure: If you wish to exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform Ubreak We Fix within 14 days of receiving the item. This can be done via email or phone. Ensure that your communication clearly indicates your intention to exercise the right of cancellation.


Return costs:

The item must be returned to Ubreak We Fix without undue delay and no later than 14 days after informing us of your decision to cancel the purchase.

You are responsible for the direct costs of returning the item. Estimated return shipping costs are approximately 69 kr.


Item Condition:

From the time of delivery, you are responsible for the item. When returning it, it's important that the item is packaged securely. If the original packaging is missing, this may result in a depreciation of the item.


Original Packaging:

We recommend returning the item in its original packaging to avoid any potential depreciation.


Testing the Item:

You may inspect and test the item in the same manner as if you were in a physical store, but the item must not be put into actual use. Any depreciation that occurs from usage beyond standard testing will be deducted from the amount refunded to you.



If you cancel the purchase, Ubreak We Fix will refund the full amount you paid, minus any depreciation for which you are responsible. This includes the product price as well as any shipping costs. The refund will be issued via the original payment method, unless otherwise agreed, and will be processed within 14 days of receiving your cancellation notice.


Refund of the Purchase Amount:

The customer will receive the refund within 14 days of us receiving your cancellation notice.

The refund will be made via the same payment method used for the purchase, unless otherwise agreed.
Payment may be withheld until receipt of the item or documentation of return.


Items Excluded from the Right of Cancellation:

Certain items are exempt from the right of cancellation. This includes sealed goods that are not suitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons if the seal is broken; items made to your specifications or personalized; as well as sealed audio or video recordings and software if the seal is broken.


Send your return shipment to:

Return Address:

Ubreak Wefix
Skibhusvej 109, St., tv
5000 Odense-Denmark

E-mail:[email protected]

Return and Refund Policy:

We recommend sending return items with tracking for security.
When using the right of withdrawal, it is important to follow our instructions for the proper handling of the return process.


Conditions for RMA Handling & Warranty Claims

Two years of warranty at Ubreak We Fix


According to the Sale of Goods Act, you have the right to invoke the rules governing defects when purchasing goods.

At Ubreak We Fix, we offer a 24-month warranty period. This entails options for repair, replacement, refund, or price reduction depending on the specific situation. To make use of the warranty, the complaint must be justified, and the defect must not be caused by incorrect use or other damaging actions.


Your Right to Claim:

As a consumer, you have a two-year warranty under the Sale of Goods Act from the time you receive the item. During this period, depending on the specific situation, you can have the item repaired, replaced, refunded, or receive a price reduction. However, it is a condition that the complaint is justified, and any defects have not arisen due to incorrect use or other damaging actions.


What Does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers faults and defects that arise within the first 24 months after purchase. It is important to emphasize that defects should not be the result of incorrect use or damaging actions on your part. It is essential to make a complaint within a reasonable time after the discovery of the defect – complaints submitted within two months are always considered timely.


Specific Cases:


Screen Protectors: If you incorrectly install a screen protector and bubbles occur, or if you have ordered the wrong screen protector, which you only discover after installation, these are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty covers faults that were present at delivery, such as if the product was damaged upon arrival.
Mobile Phones and Technical Equipment: In the case of complaints about mobile phones and other technical equipment, we reserve the right to send the item for examination to our repairer.


Shipping Costs:

We will refund reasonable shipping costs in the event of a justified complaint. This does not include additional costs that may arise as a result of your choice of a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery we offer. Remember, you are responsible for the item from the time of delivery, and when returning it, it is your responsibility to ensure that the item is securely packaged.


Troubleshooting and Defects:

Preparation Before you begin installation or disassembly, we strongly recommend that you ensure you have received the correct product. Compare the new with the old product and avoid continuing the installation if there is uncertainty or differences.
Reporting If you encounter a fault or defect with the purchased product, please contact Ubreak We Fix as soon as possible and within a reasonable time. Describe in detail what the fault or defect consists of.

Follow Instructions Any enclosed instructions on handling and testing should be followed carefully.

Required Information for Complaints:


Contact our customer service at [email protected] and provide the order or invoice number for your complaint.

Describe the problem and attach any pictures that may help us better understand the challenge.

If the item needs to be returned to Ubreak We Fix for further inspection, the customer initially bears the costs. If the complaint is justified, we will refund your reasonable shipping costs.

We strive to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.


Complaint and Return Procedure for Phones and Tablets


At Ubreak Wefix, we prioritize your satisfaction and safety. If you wish to return a purchase or submit a complaint for a phone or tablet purchased from us, we kindly ask you to follow the instructions below carefully to ensure a quick and seamless process.


Removal of Personal Information:


Security Measures: Before submitting your device, it is essential that all passwords, user accounts, and personal data are removed. This step is crucial to protect your personal security and ensure that we can access the device for evaluation.


SIM and Memory Cards: Remember to remove your SIM card and any memory cards. Ubreak Wefix cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to these cards.

Apple Devices: For Apple products, ensure that the iCloud account is logged out and that the "Find my iPhone" (Find my iPhone) and/or "MI account" features are disabled. This step is critical for us to conduct a necessary inspection and repair.


Factory Reset: Although recommended, it is not a requirement to reset your device to factory settings as long as all passwords, accounts, and personal data are removed. This includes Google account, iCloud account, Find My iPhone, and similar services.

Compliance with Requirements: Compliance with these steps is necessary for us to process your complaint or return request.


Submission Instructions:


Packaging: Pack your device securely to avoid damage during transport. Feel free to use bubble wrap or similar protective materials.

Shipping Method: We recommend sending your device as insured parcel post with Track & Trace functionality. This ensures both insurance during transport and the ability to track your shipment.


Shipping Information: Include a brief description of the problem along with your contact information and a copy of the purchase receipt in the package.

Return Address: Ensure that the return address is clear and correct.


Processing Time and Feedback:


Receipt and Inspection: When we receive your device, it will be inspected to verify the problem and ensure that all requirements are met.

Communication: You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your device and ongoing updates on the status of your complaint or return.

Repair and Return Process: Depending on the nature of the problem, we will either repair the device or process your return request in accordance with our warranty and return provisions.


Our Commitment: At Ubreak Wefix, we are committed to providing efficient and professional service. We understand the importance of your device in your daily life and strive to ensure a quick and seamless handling of your case.

By following these steps, you help us ensure an efficient and secure processing of your complaint or return. We appreciate your trust and look forward to assisting you.


Refund of Shipping Costs:

In the event of a justified complaint, we will refund your reasonable shipping costs.


Return Shipment:

The item is sent to:

Ubreak Wefix
Skibhusvej 109, St., tv
5000 Odense-Denmark

To purchase a return label, click here.

Important to Remember:

Purchase of spare parts for "do-it-yourself" projects or professional use is at your own risk.




Purpose: Ubreak Wefix (hereinafter referred to as "we", "us", or "our") is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers ("you", "your"). This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, protect, and handle your personal information.


Data Collection


Personal Information: We collect personal information such as name, address, phone number, email, and payment details when you make a booking, purchase a service, or communicate with us.


Use of Information


Purpose: The collected information is used to:


  • Complete and manage your bookings and repairs.
  • Communicate with you regarding your service request, status updates, and customer support.
  • Improve our services and customer experience.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Data Storage


Security: We securely store your personal information for only the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected or as required by law.


Disclosure to Third Parties


Limited Sharing:  We do not share your personal information with third parties except:


  • When necessary to deliver our services (e.g., shipping companies).
  • If required by law or to protect our rights.
  • With your explicit consent.
  • We will not sell your personal information to third parties.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies


Web Usage: Our website may use "cookies" to enhance user experience. You can choose to reject cookies via your browser settings, but this may limit your use of certain features on our website.


Your Rights


Access and Control: You have the right to request access to, correction, or deletion of your personal information. You can also object to the processing of your data or request restriction of processing.


Changes to the Privacy Policy


Updates: We reserve the right to change this privacy policy. Changes will be posted on our website and will take effect upon publication.




Questions and Feedback: If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.


Read more about our Personal Data Policy (GDPR) here: https://ubreakwefix.dk/personal-data-policy




Hos Ubreak Wefix værdsætter vi vores kunders tilfredshed og forpligter os til at yde service af høj kvalitet. Skulle du som kunde opleve problemer eller være utilfreds med dit køb, er vi dedikerede til at hjælpe dig med at løse disse problemer.



Kontakt Os Direkte:

  1. Hvis du har en klage, bedes du først kontakte Ubreak Wefix ’s kundeservice på [email protected]. Vi stræber efter at løse alle problemer hurtigt og effektivt.
  2. Konfliktløsning: Vi vil gennemgå din klage og arbejde sammen med dig for at finde en tilfredsstillende løsning.


Ekstern Klageadgang

Nævnenes Hus:

Yderligere Skridt: Hvis vi ikke formår at nå til enighed, har du mulighed for at sende en klage til Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg. Dette kan gøres via Klageportalen for Nævnenes Hus. https://naevneneshus.dk/


For at indgive en klage, skal den omhandlede vare eller ydelse have haft en værdi på mindst 1.110 kr. og højst 100.000 kr. Bemærk, at der er et gebyr forbundet med behandlingen af klagen.


E-mærket Webshop Gratis Klagebehandling:

Fordele ved E-mærket: Som kunde hos en e-mærket webshop kan du få behandlet din klage gratis gennem e-mærket, uanset beløbets størrelse. Yderligere oplysninger kan findes her.

EU-Kommissionens Klageportal For EU-Borgere:

EU-Klageadgang: Hvis du er bosiddende i et andet EU-land end Danmark, har du mulighed for at indgive en klage via EU-Kommissionens online klageportal, tilgængelig her.


Disclaimer for Changes

Our Commitment to Updates

At Ubreak Wefix, we are committed to continuously improving and updating our services to ensure the best customer experience. This includes regular updates to our policies, rules, and conditions.


Right to Changes


1. Amendment Right: :

UBREAK WEFIX reserves the right to make changes or updates to the terms and rules governing our website and services at any time.


2. Scope:

Changes may include, but are not limited to, updates to our service terms, privacy policy, pricing, and warranty schemes.


Your Role as a Customer

Information Duty:

 It is crucial for you as a customer to stay informed about any changes on our website. We recommend regularly visiting our website and reviewing the applicable terms and conditions.


Transparency and Communication

Update Notifications:

 While Ubreak Wefix strives to inform our customers about significant changes, the ultimate responsibility for staying informed lies with each individual user.


Latest Update : This policy was last updated and is effective from December 29, 2023.



Please Note: This form is only valid if you wish to exercise your right to withdraw a purchase.



Ubreak Wefix
Skibhusveh 109 st,tv  Odense - 5000 - Danmark 
[email protected] 


Declaration of Withdrawal:

Hereby, I declare that I wish to exercise my right to withdraw from the purchase agreement for the following product(s) or service(s):


Product Details:   ------------------------------------


Service Details: -----------------------------


Purchase Information:


Order Date:  ---------------------------------------

Date of Receipt: -------------------------------------


Consumer Details:


Name: -----------------------------------------------

Address: ---------------------------------------------


Consumer Confirmation:


Signature: ----------------------------------------



(only necessary if this form is provided on paper)